Christmas Reindeer Feeding

During the festive season we are offering zoo customers the opportunity to add a little something extra special to their zoo visit.  You can choose to purchase a special bag of reindeer food to feed to our resident reindeer, that live here at Wild Discovery throughout the year.

Did you know that our reindeer are Santa’s special reindeer?  They are sometimes chosen by Santa to help deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve!  We know this because when we come in on Christmas morning we often find a little thank you note from Santa!

£5 per bag of food – one bag of food is enough for a family of up to 5/6 people. 

All children must be supported by an adult when feeding the reindeer, recommended for age 4 years and above.

The Christmas Reindeer Feeding takes place within the zoo.  It is an optional extra activity for zoo paying customers, therefore zoo admission must also be purchased for the number of guests wishing to participate.  Zoo admission can be bought online www.wilddiscovery.co.uk/tickets/ or paid for upon arrival at Wild Discovery.

Feeding takes place between 10.30am and 3pm.

What you need to know before you book

It is strongly recommended that you pre book your bag of reindeer food by booking it online by clicking the Book Now button below, as there is a limited number of feed bags available each day.  One bag of food is enough for a family of 5/6 people, therefore please only purchase the number of bags required for your group size.

This activity is an optional extra for zoo paying visitors therefore admission into the zoo is NOT included in the price of a bag of food and must be paid in addition for the number of people wishing to participate.  Zoo admission can be pre booked online here or paid for upon arrival.  Please click here to see our admission prices.  Admission into the zoo is a full day’s pass, so you can come and go from the zoo if you wish.  Included in your admission are the daily animal talks and bird displays please click here to see what is happening.

Feeding of the reindeer takes place throughout the zoo opening hours, 10.30am – 3pm, so once you are in the zoo please don’t feel the need to rush up to the Reindeer Lodge, reindeers are natural grazers and will feed throughout the day.  Pre booked feed bags will be given out upon arrival with a valid booking for the activity and once zoo admission has been purchased/proof of purchase seen.

You are feeding real reindeer.  The reindeer have access to the whole of their enclosure and have the choice to come and feed, therefore we cannot guarantee they will, and staff will not force the reindeer to participate. The number of feed bags sold is limited to ensure that the reindeer still receive their normal daily feed intake for welfare reasons. If the reindeer do not feed please try again at a later time that day.

All members of public participating in reindeer feeding must adhere to the following health and safety instructions which are provided below.  If they are not followed you and your party will be asked to leave the area and no refund will be given.

Once a booking is made no refunds are provided.  You can request a booking to be transferred to another date within this season by emailing info@wilddiscovery.co.uk.  A minimum of 72 hours notice is required, and only if there is availability.

By making a booking for “Christmas Reindeer Feeding” you are agreeing to accept and follow all the above.