Celebration of the arrival of a precious baby Binturong!

Wild Discovery is celebrating a significant milestone in conservation, following the birth of their first Binturong, which is facing the threat of extinction in the wild.

The little baby Binturong was born on the 1st February after a 16 month courtship between Dad Dougal and Mum Bima, highlighting the dedication of the zoo’s breeding program.

Neil, the Zoo Director, expressed immense pride, stating, “This is not only a significant achievement for our dedicated team of keepers at Wild Discovery but also a monumental success for the species as a whole. Dougal and Bima are integral participants in a European-wide captive breeding program aimed at securing the future of their species, and the birth of their offspring is a cause for celebration.”

Binturongs, commonly known as Bearcats, originate from the forests of South and Southeast Asia. Thriving in tree habitats, they are now classified as vulnerable due to threats like deforestation. Their pivotal role in forest ecosystems includes aiding in seed dispersal and regeneration, emphasizing their importance in conservation efforts.

Dougal and Bima are proudly showing off their new arrival daily at Wild Discovery!