Elegant Crested Tinamou


Elegant Crested Tinamou Fast Facts

  • Location: Chile and southern Argentina
  • Habitat: Dry arid grasslands, open thickets, dry savanna and farmlands
  • Lifespan: 6 - 7 years
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Length: 39 - 41cm
  • Weight: 400 - 510g


Tinamou are often found in flocks of 5 to 10 birds. They can fly, although they are not strong flyers, they prefer to run from danger and hide. If they feel threantened they will flattened their bodies to the ground and drop their head to groud level. They will roost up in a tree at night to avoid predators. They have a distinctive call that can be heard from a distance, often sounding like a long sad whistle or a flute noise.



These birds seasonal foragers, feeding on seeds, fruits and buds duirng the winter and then during the summer months there is an abundance of invertebrates.



During breeding season the female will lay eggs that are bright green in colour in a scrape in the groud. The male is only one that will provide parental care, incubating and hatching the chicks. The chicks will remain with the male for several months after hatching.


Threats + Conservation

These birds are considered least concern and therefore not a endangered species, however their survival is still threatened due to habitat destruction for housing developments, agriculture and roads.


Fun facts

These birds lay a bright green egg. Tinamou are the closest living relative to prehistoric flying birds.


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Eudromia elegans


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